There I was, a police officer of 18 years, crying into my husband’s chest because I felt lost and empty inside, knowing there had to be something more to give my life meaning and purpose, yet I had no idea what it was.

It was hard. I had to be this strong, non-emotional, no-nonsense officer and the sensitive, vulnerable, emotional woman was buried. I didn’t have anyone I could share my feelings with. I didn’t have coaches or a girlfriend I could talk to who would understand what I was going through.

That moment was the wakeup call that my life needed to change. That was how I went from no-nonsense police officer to woo.

The woo has always been there but now my soul was saying I cannot wait another minute, it has to come forward.

In addition to the woo, I’ve been bossy my whole life. I’m Sagittarius so it’s my nature. The bossiness was even written in my baby book. It’s shown itself in my jobs: a lifeguard telling people not to run near the pool so they don’t slip and fall and hurt themselves; a flight attendant telling people not to smoke or they could kill everyone on the plane if a fire started; and a police officer forcefully telling people what to do for their safety and the safety of others. Most importantly, the woo showed up as the calmness that came over a scene when I arrived, as I was told by fellow officers.

Even now, as a retired police officer, I still tell people what to do as I mentor them to find meaning and purpose in their lives, and because woo is included and adds compassion. I call what I do “Bossy Woo”.

The bossiness is not meant to be mean, it’s because I’m standing up for you. It’s because I have been lost and felt like I had no purpose, just like you, and I know that what I’m teaching works and will get you on your meaningful, purposeful life path. I’m telling you what to do, why?, because I want you to achieve your goals, your dreams, your passions, and to live your Divine purpose.

This work can transform your life, just like it did Teresa’s:

“Love this place and Valerie. She is top-notch, not sure where I would be without her help, but thanks to her I am a better version of myself. I had to take the first step, of course, and reach out and I am so glad I did!

I am excited to live a better life and experience what my happier future holds for me. Now that the chains are gone that restricted so much of me, I feel freer than I ever have! Thank you, Valerie ♥️”  – Teresa S.

Is this you?

  • You say you have a good life, but you feel like something is missing.
  • You know there is more for you, yet you can’t put your finger on it.
  • Your role now is living life for everyone else and not for yourself.
  • You do what is expected of you to make everyone else happy and now that is not enough for you.

If this is you, I can help.

I'm standing up for you because, while you are a woman making a great living in your professional career, have a good marriage, have great family and friends, you are dying inside. Nobody else cares (or can see it). But I do, because I have been lost and felt like you.... 

Let me help you, just like I helped Teresa. Just follow the Bossy Woo.

*In addition to being certified in numerous woo modalities, I have had the opportunity and pleasure to be a keynote speaker for women’s groups, civic groups, and government organizations.

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